Contest Promotions

Gary gives you a chance to earn up to $10000 (and even more during the Saturday Mega Race) on a daily basis!

1700$ high prize pool and lucky seven challenge, in case you love playing Dice here on Stake, VIPs!
Valid Until: Apr 27, 2020

Prize pool of over 550$ as long as you place all your multi bets on eSports.
Valid Until: Apr 27, 2020

Card week for all the card game lovers! Prize pool of 550$ will be shared among the most persistent ones
Valid Until: Apr 27, 2020

Earn money through battling your friends and the rest of the community to win irresistible prizes.

the most competitive BitStarz promotion EVER. €5,000 and the ultimate bragging rights up for grabs.

€50,000 individual prize pools and a bunch of exclusive merchandise up for grabs too
Valid Until: May 01, 2020

The first winner is the player who makes the billionth bet. A winner gets points based on their VIP level

Players who wagered the most at the end of the contest will win the largest share of the prize pool.