Bitdice Promotions

BitDice is one of the more easily navigable Bitcoin casinos available to crypto holders. The site’s layout is intuitive, making it quite popular amongst crypto gamblers far and wide. Add in the seemingly endless number of games to wager on and it is easy to see why BitDice is growing I popularity. Below, we shed light on BitDice rewards, promotions and other niceties sure to keep Bitcoin gamblers coming back for more.

Be the luckiest man in the world and win a huge Jackpot with Bitdice. MIn bet 0.01 BTC

Daily Chest is a loyality reward that BitDice users can claim once a day.

Is a bonus system that credits the player a percent of the amount they bet as a bonus.

Loss Back by Bitdice is a bonus system that credits the player back a percent of the amount they lost.

BitDice Promotions

BitDice has a slew of promotions and bonuses that rival those of other crypto casinos on the web. The site’s level scheme is designed to encourage players to bet higher and higher amounts in order to ascend through the BitDice player levels. The higher the level you reach, the greater your chances are to win rainbots. Rainbots are the free coins doled out to loyal players.

You can “make it rain” with rainbots by playing a mere .0001 BTC. Continue to wager and you will make your way all the way up to Level 15. Each level provides incremental increases in faucet claims.

The Bonuses Keep on Coming

There is a bet back bonus upwards of .05% and even a bonus that reduces the house’s edge from 1% to .84%. Each bonus is provided in the form of BitDice points that are traded in for Bitcoin or simply used for ongoing participation in the site’s many gambling opportunities. Traditional casino gamblers will be amused by the fact that BitDice provides a Jackpot bonus when players hit 77.7777. The bonus awarded hinges on the specific amount wagered.

The Daily Treasure Chest

The Daily Chest is a BitDice loyalty reward claimed by players once per day. The amount rewarded is not revealed until claimed. The random figure is provided in BitDice tokens. However, the higher your user level on the platform, the greater the payout is likely to be.

The Loss Back Reward

This bonus system provides BitDice players with percentage back of the figure lost that day. Those who win are not eligible for the loss back reward. The specific money given back is largely influenced by the player’s user level on the BitDice platform.

The Bet Back Bonus System

This system provides BitDice with credits for the amount wagered. The reward is provided in the form of a bonus. The Bet Back bonus spikes in accordance with the player’s level. This bonus is a portion of total bets, regardless of whether they are winning or losing bets that are credited directly back to the account. At most, you will receive .01% back. However, you will only qualify for this bonus if you are a veteran BitDice player. The lowest possible bet back bonus is .007%, provided to brand new players. This reward is provided in the form of BitDice tokens.