BetBTC Promotions

BetBTC is one of the simpler online gambling platforms to navigate. The site is visually pleasing, intuitive and chock full of games. Let’s take a look at BetBTC’s bonuses and other rewards that keep crypto gamblers coming back for more.

Bonus Code
Deposit Regularly, Minimum deposit 10€, Code: RELOAD

Minimum deposit 50€, Bonus can be used on all casino games, Wagering 2x

Available for the first deposit only, Minimum deposit 20€, Maximum bet 7,50€

The Deposit Match

BetBTC matches the initial deposit, providing 100% of gamblers’ beginning deposits. Simply sign up with your email, choose a password, fund your account and BetBTC will double your beginning bonus. However, the deposit bonus is capped at a single Bitcoin. Furthermore, the doubling of your initial deposit does not occur right away. Rather, the pace of your bets dictates the timeline of the bonus’s release into your gambling account.
It is important to note this is the sole deposit bonus so be sure to max out your beginning balance in order to take full advantage of the bonus. If possible, fund an entire Bitcoin or close to it in order to maximize the matching bonus. Unlike other Bitcoin casinos, BetBTC does not provide reload bonuses as you continue to play so don’t assume additional freebies will be opened up down the line. Though it is possible BetBTC will add more bonuses down the line, the single matching introductory bonus is the sole deposit bonus at the moment.

Be Patient and the Deposit Bonus Will Manifest

A single loyalty point is credited with each .02 BTC wagered and subsequently settled on gambles with odds beyond 200. A loyalty point equates to .0001 BTC and is added to the account balance in an automatic fashion. Loyalty points are converted to BTC all the way up until the deposit bonus is complete. If you are curious as to the status of your bonus, simply click the account dashboard to monitor/track the progression of the bonus.
However, it is important to note there is the potential for the deposit bonus to only be partially applied. The bonus will no longer be provided in the event of a withdrawal of funds from the account. Furthermore, the release of the bonus also stops 365 days after the initial deposit. The bonus system is designed this way in order to persuade crypto gamblers to continue gambling on BetBTC morning, day and night. However, there is a good chance your wagers will prove successful and you will win a considerable sum of Bitcoin while gambling your way to a full matching bonus so don’t be discouraged by the seemingly stringent requirements.
After all, just about all crypto casinos require players to gamble beyond their initial deposit in order to receive some or all of a matching bonus. Take a look at the Bitcoin casino reviews and you will find BetBTC’s bonus matching policy really is fairly similar to those of other online crypto gambling sites.

Referral Commissions

BetBTC often provides 30% back from commissions when referral bets are made. Click the My Referrals menu on your account and you will find information about these referral commissions. Furthermore, this is also where you will find more information pertaining to exclusive offers. However, BetBTC exclusive offers are fairly rare so don’t get your hopes up too high.