The Coronavirus Crash is Boosting Crypto Industry Hiring

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Cryptocurrency companies are hiring while most other businesses are downsizing or at a bare minimum, implementing a hiring freeze.  This development should not come as a surprise to economists who have followed the cryptocurrency industry in the past half-decade.  A distinct trend has emerged: money moves to Bitcoin, Bitcoin casinos and other cryptocurrencies when the economy falters, allowing these much-doubted companies to go on hiring sprees when just about every other business refuses to add to payroll.  

Cryptocurrencies are Hiring by the Hundreds

Kraken LLC, a cryptocurrency business based in San Francisco, recently stated it plans on hiring 350 new workers this year alone.  This is quite the positive news story as the company initially intended to hire 250 staffers.  Furthermore, Binance Holdings bolstered its employee headcount by 25% in the first quarter of 2020 alone.  The company intends on adding even more employees to its mining operation dubbed Binance Pool. Crypto casinos are likely to join the crowd, hiring additional workers as interest in digital currencies continues to grow.

Take a look at Coinbase’s openings and you will find dozens of available positions.  Even Exchange OkEx is going on a hiring spree, launching a worldwide hiring initiative this month that will considerably expand its 1,000 person workforce.  The icing on the cake is the upcoming halving of the uber-popular Bitcoin currency on May 12.  Such halvings have spurred Bitcoin bull runs in the past, setting the stage for a slew of new hires at crypto casinos, crypto headquarters and other parts of the industry.

Why Cryptocurrency Companies are Hiring

The steady stream of new hires in the cryptocurrency industry is raising some eyebrows simply because the economy as a whole has come to a grinding halt.  However, investors are moving large amounts of money into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as these digital currencies are considered safe haven value stores likely to hold steady amidst a faltering economy.  

All in all, blockchain and remote crypto job openings have soared more than 42% through March.  Examples of cryptocurrency industry remote jobs include:

  • Infrastructure engineer
  • Full stack developer
  • Front end engineer
  • Broker
  • Business development manager

There is a good chance this hiring trend will continue as cryptocurrencies are gradually accepted as normative by those in the mainstream, attracting more interest and more investments, ultimately resulting in widespread use.  

Crypto is the Future 

If cryptocurrency continues to grow in popularity, it will become a vital cog of our economy and possibly serve as a digital currency replacement for traditional tangible dollars and cents.  After all, there is no sense passing paper dollars and metal coins to one another when those tangible items could easily transmit the coronavirus throughout communities across the globe.  From Bitcoin casino promotions to cryptocurrency exchanges and other crypto-related activity, every aspect of this budding economic sector is poised to benefit from the uptick in new hires.

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