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With Bitcoin casinos becoming more popular by the day, it’s no surprise that support for some of the lesser-known cryptocurrencies has started to increase. The latest coin to be given functionality is Ripple. It’s one of the most versatile cryptos available at the moment. With fast speeds, low costs and high security it offers everything a modern crypto needs.

The latest Bitcoin casino to offer Ripple support is Bitcasino. One of the biggest names on the market. Bitcasino is known as one of the best Bitcoin casinos out there, so this news will surely shake up the industry. In fact, it would be no surprise to see other Bitcoin casinos such as FortuneJack or CloudBet follow suit.

Opening Doors at other Bitcoin Casinos

What’s extremely positive about Ripple being used is that it’s already seen as a trustworthy transfer method by banks. This is a big deal as in order to get this level of trust, security has to be high. As already established, Ripple is one of the fastest transaction methods around. What’s also positive is that it doesn’t include any additional charges. This means players get access to fast payments at very low costs.

This should make it much more likely that other Bitcoin casinos will begin to offer Ripple to users. The addition of Ripple to the roster of cryptos is excellent news for Ripple users.

The reason this is such good news is twofold. Firstly, it means that users will be able to use their Ripple at online casinos. In the past they would have had to exchange it before use, potentially adding unwanted costs. Secondly, it means that the price of Ripple could begin to increase. It if becomes a more widely used coin then a surge could take place. This will give Ripple users increased levels of profits.

Bitcoin Casinos keep Setting Trends

With Bitcasino taking Ripple onboard, it’s another first step for this big name company. As the first online casino to allow Bitcoin use, it has now become the first to allow Ripple use. This ensures that at this moment in time, Bitcasino is acting as a market leader for online Bitcoin casinos.

This will allow the company to potentially bring in more custom over the coming months. But, expect other Crypto casinos to bring themselves in line in the very near future. Obviously, this will increase competition in the casino market, but it will also make Ripple a more viable commodity.

Other Cryptos might Benefit

Another possibility is that the introduction of Ripple could open the door for other cryptos to be used at online casinos. With the recent news that Atari are releasing their own token, we could see more casino specific tokens created. This will enhance the standing of Bitcoin casinos within the online gaming world.

What’s an often ignored side effect of new deals being signed is that it encourages other companies to sign new deals. While it would be wrong to speculate, it’s also important to recognize that this new deal could lead to a surge in crypto usage. After all, the online casino world has often been one of the front runners in the development and evolution of cryptocurrency.

Changing the Hierarchy of Online Casinos

For a long time, Bitcoin casinos have been seen as secondary to other online casinos. It’s an extremely unfair judgment on some of the best gaming venues available on the internet. In recent years this attitude has started to change. More people are realizing that crypto is the future of payments. This has lead to more online vendors accepting crypto payments. In turn, this has helped to legitimize crypto casinos.

With more of the best Bitcoin casinos giving players a wider range of crypto choice, it means that the acceptance of crypto is expanding. This is highly important when it comes to the continued evolution of cryptocurrency.

While the news that Ripple has been accepted at Bitcasino won’t change how cryptocurrency is seen in the mainstream overnight. It is yet another small step on the long journey. Bitcoin was once only accepted at online casinos, now the number of places you can spend it has increased significantly. Within the next five years, we could see crypto support at some of the truly big names, such as Amazon and eBay as well as your favorite Bitcoin casinos.

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