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One of the fastest-growing ways to put your bitcoins to profitable use is to gamble with them! Of course, you can’t take your bitcoins to a traditional casino, so online gaming platforms (like ours!) have risen to fill the gaming gap. One of the most popular games you will find is a very simple one: the Bitcoin Dice Game. To newcomers, trying to figure out what exactly the game is and how you gamble can be daunting. We’ll take you through step-by-step on what BitCoin Dice is, how you play it, and how you gamble, as well as the best strategies to make sure you come out on top!

What is Bitcoin Dice?

Bitcoin Dice is a variation of one of the simplest, purest forms of gambling. All you do is choose a number between one and a hundred, and then wager whether or not the number that is auto-generated (or “rolled”) is higher or lower than the number you have chosen. As with any gambling, the less of a chance there is to win, the more you stand to earn. For example, if you pick the number 98 and say that the rolled number will be less, you’ll probably win, but you won’t win hardly anything at all. Likewise, if you pick 98 and say the number will be higher, you’ll probably lose, but the payout with be significant if you happen to win. 

Depending on the specific Bitcoin Dice site you are using, you may have other gambling options as well. For example, if the system is drawing cards and not just numbers, you may be able to wager whether or not the card will be black or red in addition to guessing if the number will be high or low. Again, the more factors you add, the less likely you are to win, but your payout will increase should you win. 

Finally, you aren’t gambling with standard currency. You’re gambling with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies! Some sites will only allow bitcoin to be used, while others will allow other cryptocurrencies, like Doge, Ethereum, and other popular currencies.

Bitcoin Dice sites with Faucets

The competition between bitcoin dice game sites is fierce, so it is pretty easy to find bonuses and incentives on each individual site. One of the best incentive programs bitcoin dice sites use is something called a “faucet.” A faucet is a fancy way of describing a site giving your free cryptocurrency just for logging into the game! This shouldn’t be confused with “free spins” or tokens through site-specific currency. Bitcoin dice with free faucets actually give you real, free cryptocurrency! Depending on what site you use, the specific cryptocurrency you receive might be something different than bitcoin, but you can still expect to receive free cryptocurrency just for being on the site!

With that being said, the amount of bitcoin or cryptocurrency you get will be minuscule. It will be enough to play at least one round of dice, maybe a couple, depending on how you bet. If you’d like, you can also never gamble it and slowly build up a little savings account of bitcoin! Of course, you’d be looking at decades until you had anything substantial, and it wouldn’t be nearly as fun, either!

Other Common Ways to Earn on Bitcoin Dice Sites

Bitcoin dice with free faucets are always attractive, but they are by no means the only way to earn bonuses from dice sites. Like we said, there is a huge amount of competition between gambling sites to build and maintain a playerbase. As a player, you benefit from having access to all kinds of different bonuses! Take a look below to see some of the most common bonuses you can get. If you want to take a look at what specific sites offer, click here to see a list of promotions from our favorite sites!

Wage Scoreboards

You may have already come across some scoreboards and wondered what exactly they were for. Many sites have weekly scoreboard races that tally how much users have wagered. Those that have wagered the most in bets, regardless of whether or not they have won, will get a prize! It’s a nice incentive to keep you playing even if you are in an unlucky streak.

Deposit Bonuses

In order for sites to consistently payout, they need to have bitcoins readily on hand. It is not uncommon for bitcoin dice sites to offer a first-time deposit bonus to encourage you to get a bit of your money in their system. The more people who have deposited money into a site, the more that the site can continue to pay out to winners. It’s also a way to keep you invested in playing! 

Free Spins

Free spins are a promotional gift that allow you to win some free money without having to gamble at all! Unlike a faucet, which requires you to be on the site and gives you a bit of free money with which you can gamble, free spins are a reward for doing something that benefits the gaming site. You can often earn free spins through depositing for the first time or on certain days, while others offer free spins simply for creating an account! There are all kinds of ways to earn free spins, so look to see how to earn them from your favorite site!

Cash Back

Cash back through a bitcoin dice site is a bit different than a debit or credit card, where you likely have heard the term. Cash back on a dice site can mean a lot of different things! For example, a site may offer cash back on a percentage of losses you’ve had in a week, or you may be eligible for cash back of your net losses in a week. Some sites will give you cashback on how much you wager, so the more you wager, the more cash back you earn! As you can imagine, not all sites offer cash back, and only offer it at certain times. You can see a list of sites that offer cash back here.

How Do I Know This Isn’t a Scam?

Between the free bitcoin faucets and the very nature of gambling itself, this may feel like it is the perfect way to scam people out of bitcoins. Once you give your bitcoin to someone else, scam or not, there is no way to retrieve and no legal recourse to take. How do you protect yourself from getting ripped-off on these gaming sites?

Look for “Provably Fair”

Any legitimate bitcoin site will have a section titled “provably fair.” What that means is the code written and used for the site is open for anyone to look at. You can see whether or not the code is being used to manipulate wins and losses, and you can use the code to verify claims that a site makes about how much the house is favored. For example, many sites advertise a percentage describing how much the house is favored to win (generally .05% – 1%), and you can use the code to verify that claim. 

Once you start playing, provably fair, open code continues to work in your favor. You can look at the code for specific interaction you’ve had in the game and confirm whether or not a win or loss was truly random or if the site is manipulating the outcome in their favor. It can take some time to look through their open code, but it’s worth it to make sure you aren’t getting ripped off!

Look at Site Reviews

Researching site reviews is another great way to make sure that the site you are interested in gambling with will treat you fairly. Reviews are also very useful if you aren’t tech savvy enough to study the open-source code that sites provide to demonstrate that they are provably fair. Reviews also provide the benefit of highlighting the best of what a particular gaming site has to offer. This may be an impressive welcome bonus, significant first time bonuses, or any other unique or noteworthy feature that makes the site stand out in the crowded field of crypto-gambling. If you are brand new to crypto-gambling and aren’t sure where to start, we recommend looking at our list of our favorite bitcoin casinos. If they have bitcoin dice and have impressive features, you should give them a shot! You may even find a new game that you enjoy playing as much as dice!

Bitcoin Dice Takeaway

Bitcoin dice is a simple, easy game that is a perfect entry point to gambling with cryptocurrency. Not only is the game simple, but the internet is filled with high-quality bitcoin dice games that provide free chances to earn bitcoin, bonuses for creating accounts and depositing cash, and provide free bitcoin just for playing! Not all sites are created equal, so to make sure you are on the best site, make sure you take a look at our favorite bitcoin casinos!

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